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Business Lawyer Helps Entrepreneur Succeed in Orange County

When Constance Smith stepped into the world of modeling, her aim surpassed merely being a pretty face. Early on, she recognized the potential to leverage her fame and brand awareness into sponsorships and lucrative products. 

Her inspiration? None other than Taylor Swift. The singing, songwriting, and guitar-playing mogul has expressed the innermost journeys of millions of girls and young women growing up and navigating love for the first time.

She has built an empire with her distinctive visual and lyrical storytelling mastery and safeguarded the brand strategy of her business. Swift boasts an impressive roster of intellectual property, including  “This Sick Beat,” “Swiftmas,” and “1989” – seemingly unassuming yet catchy phrases that she rightfully owns as trademarks.

“Savvy celebrities file trademarks all the time for ideas and products that may or may not ever come to fruition. Sometimes it’s done preemptively to keep others from taking ownership of marks that have a strongly perceived tie to the celebrity even though the projects may never see the light of day”

Taylor Swift’s New Trademarks: What They Mean (And Don’t Mean) For #Swifties 

“Taylor Swift has single-handedly revolutionized the music industry. Her influence transcends any particular genre, be it country or pop. She’s done things that have made history in the entertainment business,” remarks Constance.

Following in the footsteps of her celebrity role model, Constance started working with an attorney in the early days of her career, carefully reviewing and vetting her endorsement contracts, and ensuring complete control over her intellectual property. A local Law Firm is her trusted advisor on important matters that make or break the future of her brand.

“I have always had lawyers by my side for every deal, but what made me appreciate their guidance was the preparation of the launch of my supplement products. I needed to understand what claims could or shouldn’t be made when discussing a product that my fans and customers would be putting into their bodies. I wanted to make sure that I provided the product and the information in the marketing around it in a compliant and legal sense.”

When she had been approached for a book deal, Constance deliberated on the restrictive nature of going through a publisher. In a breaking story that made headlines and Spotify announcements, Taylor Swift became quite clear on the discontents of the record deals she had signed as a young artist earlier in her career. exposed what many believe to be predatory clauses, sparking a dialogue about the rights of recording artists.

Swift isn’t the only artist that has been outspoken about the rights of recording artists, in an industry that favors what many believe are the predators of exploitative clauses.

When her long-time manager assumed control of her Master, Taylor Swift didn’t stay silent. To the delight of her fans, she told the world that she would re-record her works, each song retaining its original title but now with the addendum “Taylor’s Version”. 

It was as if Taylor had literally reclaimed her voice. And the one thing she didn’t say, but was already loud and clear, was “checkmate”.

The moves of business contracts can often feel like a chess match. If you need legal counsel, please give Burris Law a call today.

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