Long Term Damage

“I can still see her face clearly,” my friend told me, voice shaking slightly, during a recent night out. “She barely looked up in time to see that she was about to crash into me.”

He had been involved in a crash a couple of years prior where a distracted teenage girl in a large SUV ran a red light and T-boned him in the middle of an intersection. While she had come out of the crash unscathed, his car had been essentially obliterated in the crash, which left him with neurological damage and such traumatic injuries to his left arm it would never be the same.

It had taken him some time and quite a bit of therapy to recover his full mental faculties after the accident. He is now able to walk and hold normal conversations again, but his arm is still chronically wracked by intense, fiery pain and he is much more skittish than I remember him being before the wreck.

Adding to the general misery of his recovery, the insurance companies that were covering his medical bills were constantly trying to short-change him, delay payments, and complicate the process every step of the way. It got to the point where his wife decided that they needed to take legal action to get the restitution he was due.

The family needed to cycle through a few lawyers before they found one that was capable of taking on the insurance companies, whose labyrinthine policy procedures and legion of legal defense lawyers made a daunting combination. Had the accident taken place nearer to my home base in San Diego, I would have heavily recommended he enlist the services of Villasenor Law Firm.

Villasenor got their start in the legal departments of insurance companies, making them experts on the ins- and outs of the notoriously complex insurance law landscape. They’re one of the few Poway car accident law firms that have that level of familiarity with the industry, and their client’s testimonials attest to the record of success it affords them:

Attorney Chris Villasenor has been an enormous help to me and my wife. Chris and his associate Vickie Broderick both put their maximum effort into every letter. They know the LAW and they absolutely represented our Best Interest. All of their effort was able to secure a settlement that has made all the difference for me and my wife. I strongly recommend this firm to anyone who desperately needs an Attorney with expertise and passion to fight for their clients Best Interest. I will be grateful to them for everything they did for me and my wife for the rest of our lives.

– Ron & Lydia C., Yelp Review

After being in a horrific, multi-car accident, I was referred over to Chris Villasenor.  Immediately, Chris was on top of everything.  I gave him all the information I had and he took full control and care from start to finish.  He provides excellent insight, prompt feedback and his staff genuinely cares about your well being.  I had a long and lengthy turn around time, but I had no worries in the world knowing Chris and his team were on my side.

I would HIGHLY recommend using Chris Villasenor if you’ve had a car accident and need some honest, thorough and sincere people in your corner to handle it!

– Christina S., Yelp Review

If you are in the San Diego area and have been involved in an auto accident and are in need of legal representation to get either the other party or an insurance company to provide restitution, don’t waste time shopping for an attorney that is capable or willing to work with you. Get in contact with Villasenor Law Offices.

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